Bases are a KEY factor in Stranded on Earth: The First Strike.

Bases can help you:

  • Survive the night.
  • Safe havens to protect against zombies.
  • Group humans together, ultimately creating a zombie grinder.
  • Make the game more fun.

Bases help add to the fun of the game. However, it is hard to build and maintain a base. This guide will help you become a better base maker. (Note; this will not turn you into a pro. This will HELP you become a good base maker, though.)

Best spots to build bases

There's tons of different spots to build bases. The following spots are considered the "Easiest" places to build.

By far, the easiest is the "Pack a punch cave". This already has a door which zombies can't come in from. It virtually requires no effort to fortify because of this.

  • If you want to build here, I'd recommend putting lights on the outside. Also, shredders in the hallway are great for damaging zombies.

Another easy spot are the compounds located throughout the map. Some are less secure than others. The best is by the highway fort. Compounds are already enclosed. Zombies can get over the walls, however.

  • If you want to fortify a compound better, I'd recommend putting high walls and nets around the walls. This prevents zombies from even touching the walls. You can also put low walls (to save money) on the already existing walls for even better fortification.

The last "Easy" spot is the mansion. You already have access to the "Legendary red ammo box of doom", or so I like to call it. Its easy to fortify around the entrance.

  • If you build here, I'd recommend surrounding the entrance to the mansion with sandbags, nets, and low walls. Then build up the side railing with high walls. Seal the open areas with more high walls. Put nets around the top edges to prevent zombies from climbing up. Don't forget the back opening by the shed. If zombies get in there, it can be a dream crusher to have a zombie in your new high security mansion.

A base's essentials.

Every base needs the following buildables. Without them, you're basically sitting in a open field.

  • High walls
  • Low walls
  • Spotlights (Not required, but highly recommended so you can see better.)
  • Nets
  • Canopies
  • Ladders
  • Ammo boxes
  • Good ol' classic sandbags.
  • And of course... An unfortified base. You need something to build off of, right?

High walls and low walls for the outer fortifications. Use them to fortify existing holes within your bases walls. You should also put sandbags around the high and low walls to make them EVEN MORE SECURE! Put nets around the inside of the walls to trip zombies that have made the mistake of jumping over. Use the canopy's and ladders to create a watch tower to snipe zombies at range. Use spot lights to clear up areas around and inside of your base. This is the basic foundation of a base. Feel free to fortify more. ex. Stacking high walls, adding shredders to damage zombies. (Note: this works well if you put them in the nets.) And even making a simple resting area makes your base better.

How to maintain your newly founded base

Once you build your base, you're gonna need to protect it. A few pointers-

  • Watch out for smart zombies. (Ones that can maneuver around buildables)
  • Don't let zombies pile up. This allows them to easily get over your fortification and overrun your base.
  • When crimson night is active, be aware that Patient Zero can teleport inside ANY defense you have. A good tip for surviving PZ is to build a very small but high tower. If he attempts to teleport to you, he will most likely fall off. Furthermore, building it very high can negate his health drain ability.

    Example of a good tower

  • Never stop adding on. Even if you have over a million walls, there's still places zombies can get in.

That's about all I can say, If you want, add in your own Strategy's and tips.

Player experiences/Tips

  • Try putting shredders and nets around the edges of your high walls, This can prevent them from jumping over in most cases.
  • Put high walls and low walls at different distances. This helps split up hordes of zombies

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