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Ashindar, or Ash, is a Wikia Admin of Stranded On Earth: The First Strike, and currently the only existing Wikia Admin as he was the one who first obtained, and in fact, created the rank.

He is one of Morpheus Corporation's top researchers, as well as part of Pegasus' elite forces known as the Devil's Brigade. Most curiously, however, he also is rumored to be the leader of a cult called the Church of The Green, a mysterious society that worship an unknown being and the plentiful alloy they claim was a gift from their deity.

After the apocalypse, however, he appeared to have simply fell off of the face of the world. Rumors say he's wandering the wasteland, correcting his mistakes, while others say he may have become one with what he had created.

If you see him in-game, you can ask for help, or ask questions. However, try not to bug him too much, as staff members aren't primarily deployed to service every need that a player may have, but instead to perform their assigned duties.


  • As of March 19, 2017, he has one child.
  • He is also known as The Catalyst, a nickname coined by in-game lore that dictates that he was responsible for the completed research of nanoblack, a substance which ultimately created the Darker Order and subsequently caused the apocalypse.
  • He is an exception among the typical staff members; His personal ranking measures up much higher than his official rank due to the enormous trust in him by other members of the community, most notably speedydude900 and robonack.

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