The BBEagle can be purchased from the "PIstols" category in the Shop for 60 Cash. It is otherwise known as the "Baby Eagle" or "Jericho 941".

Pros VS Cons


  1. High Damage
  2. Low Recoil
  3. Clean Sights
  4. Good Magazine Size
  5. Good Reserve Ammo Sizes


  1. Short Range
  2. Can easily glitch your arms behind your body while firing


  • The Jericho 941, otherwise known as the 'Baby Eagle', is a double action/single action pistol built by Israel Weapons in the 1990s. It was modeled off the famous CZ-75, and came in three different cartridges; 9 mm, .40, .41, and .45. Baby Eagles are still being produced today in Israel.
  • It has a very distinct green color.

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