The ballistic knife is a gun- or rather, knife throwing contraption- that can be bought in the VIP shop for 125 cash.

The ballistic knife has a clip size of one, similar to a grenade. Hence, every time after you shoot, you need to reload. It has 7 reserve ammo, making its ammo count a total of 8. You CAN restock the reserve ammo with this weapon, but you must search for rare green ammo boxes, which say AMMO instead of having the normal three bullet decal. The box will also disapear after use, but should respawn in a while. Note that you can stock up on ammo with this weapon.

Its reload speed is very short, about half a second. However, instead of reloading by clicking "r," after you have run out of bullets in your clip, click again and you will reload. The gun has no recoil whatsoever.

There is no aiming mechanism. Instead, there is a crosshair pre-included, much like the Dubstep Gun, except the crosshair is the one you would see if you were, say, using a sword. A feature with the gun is that unlike other guns, this one is pretty much mostly an invisible block. Useful for keeping zombies away but not if you're trying to climb a ladder.

The ballistic knife shoots knives instead of bullets. The knives go straight and don't spin. However, over distances the knife is affected by gravity. Also, the knives are affected by objects in determining their flight path, meaning you can bounce the knives off objects for kills. The color of the knives is white.

The knife OHKO's any type of zombie. Doesn't even matter what limb it hits, if it hits, the target's dead. Note: If you do manage to hit the arms or the head, the knife will scythe through the limb instead of get stuck on it like if you hit the torso, allowing for combo kills. However, if a zombie is too close to you, the knives will not hit.

The ballistic knife is fully semi-automatic, although with only 1 bullet in your clip there's absolutely no point. And if you somehow manage to bounce a bullet back off a wall and it hits you, it will deal a good 35-50 damage.


  • Absolute 1 hit ko
  • Fast reload speed
  • No recoil
  • Bounces off walls for trick shots
  • Possible combo kills
  • Comes with a crosshair
  • Cheap price tag
  • Invisible brick keeps zombies away from you


  • Shots affected by gravity
  • No aiming mechanism
  • Clip size of 1
  • Limited ability to restock knives.
  • Knives may kill you
  • Can't climb ladders while using this gun
  • Only available in VIP shop

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