Now, lets say you are a random person strolling through the Wikia. Suddenly, you see a page with a bunch of mistakes and you want to edit it, but you may ask yourself, "How do I edit this mistake without making it worse?" Good for you, I will teach you basic etiquette for small edits such as this, if you aren't a wikia editor. (Note; this isn't the same as the Wikia Editing Guide by BarakkuOni.)

Basic Rules.

  • Don't add pages unless you are sure we need it.
  • Make sure what you're editing is already good enough. This means you should leave good pages alone.
  • Don't self advertise. We don't need to know you changed "gum" to "gun" because you put a signature at the bottom.

Now that we have that out of the way..

When you are editing a page, don't do major things unless you have permission from a Wikia Editor, although you don't need it, if you aren't great at editing and you completely mess up a page, you could be branded as a griefer who ruins pages. When you edit a page, make sure you have good grammar and know how everything works. If you don't, just contact a Wikia Editor who knows how to edit pages the correct way.

Also keep in mind..

When you're editing a page with outdated information, just contact a wikia editor to edit it instead, as that calls for major redux in the page, and it would be a waste of your time to edit it and a second later the page being overhauled.


Make sure you stuff isn't opinionated. Saying things like, "In general, the gun sucks." is not allowed, unless it is backed up by facts. Even then, you shouldn't even state it.

Wait! One last thing.

If you ever need any help during editing, contact me or BarakkuOni as we can most likely do it ourselves.


We highly appreciate anyone helping us out with editing, if you help us enough, we may even hire you as a Wikia Editor. Currently, we are looking for new Wikia Editors, if you wish to apply, fill out the Application found here and send it to Robonack or Speedydude600

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