The Blood Slinger is a machine gun gotten by Pack a Punching a M240B.

Like some other Pack a Punch weapons, the Blood Slinger has a red and purple appearance.

A notable thing about this gun is its huge 200 size clip. However, it only has 100 reserve ammo, 300 with a large ammo box. That's only 1.5x larger than the clip size.

The Blood Slinger, like many other guns, kills a zombie in three shots. It shoots bullets at about a rate of 4 bullets a second. It doesn't have much recoil at first, but gets bigger as more bullets are shot. It has pretty large bullet spread.

The Blood Slinger has a purplish blueish flashlight and when shot, it gives off a red light. It has a reload time of about 3 seconds.

However, the most notable thing about the Blood Slinger is its scope. Like some snipers, it has a black rim when scoped. It seems like everything is fogged up EXCEPT for zombies and people. Zombies have a black rim around them, and people are outlined in green. It also has two different scopes, a scope usually used on snipers and one usually used on automatic weapons.

Description: Make it rain! Blood...


  • Huge clip size
  • Not much recoil
  • Cool flashlight
  • Awesome scope


  • Small reserve ammo ratio (especially to un-upgraded)
  • Large bullet spread
  • Expensive to get
  • Slower Fire rate (maybe because of lag)

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