The Bridge is a minor location in-game. The other locations can be found on the Map page.

There are 6 Small Houses near the bridge, and the bridge itself, which is where most of the zombies spawn.

Small House #1: The Howitzer House


The Howitzer House is a small house next to the Food Mart. The howitzer sits right next to it. There is a large gaping hole where the door was, and a poorly barricaded hole on the roof. Also, there are a few large shells for the Howitzer.

Small House #2: The Twins


The Twins are two small houses that sit right next to each other. There is a long plank between the two buildings that allows quick movement. Inside, they are identical, only having a doorway and a plank serving as the stairs. This location is a good place to start a base as it connects two spawn points.

Small House #3: The Diagonal Wonder

House with weird barricades

The Diagonal Wonder is a small house that sits next to the bridge on an angle. It has a small hole in the front at the ground, which serves as an opening for crawlers. Next to the building are some special barricades that take some time to setup. This house is the only house in the game that has a ladder to get to the second floor.

Small House #4: The Gaping Maw


The Gaping Maw is the small house that has a large gaping hole in the back, which can serve as an escape exit. There are two large windows, which you can barricade or use as opening for shooting. This is the only small house in the game with an actual set of stone stairs. This would be a very nice base, due to the fact that the hole can be used as an escape route if things go to hell in the front.

Small House #5: The Boring House


The Boring House is a very simple and boring house, thus the name. It has the door, and a plank as the stairs to the roof, where there's some crates and an ammo box. This particular place could be used as a base, however, there are better places out there.


  • The Twins are a set of two of the six houses.

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