The Broken AWP is an extremely rare weapon of great power in Stranded on Earth: The First Strike. Nobody knows where it came from or how it's forged, except that it was from an AWP .
RobloxScreenShot10192014 135510873

It's beautiful mess of bricks.


  • Magazine Size: 5
  • Reserve Ammo: 20
  • Damage: All The Damage
  • Reload speed: 1 Second
  • Recoil: None of the Recoil
  • Accuracy: ALL THE ACCURACY
  • Sights: The Ultimate Sight/Scope
  • Rate of Fire: Semi-Auto

Pros VS Cons


  • Incredible Power
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Faster Reload
  • No Recoil At All
  • Incredible Accuracy
  • Incredible Range
RobloxScreenShot10192014 141259-336

It's a pistol...or something....


  • Almost Impossible To Obtain
  • Wastes Ammunition
  • Low Ammo Sizes

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