Are you a slayer of hordes and a hardcore survivor? A PZ murderer? Are you a veteran to the game, and already bought out everything OP that you can? Well then YOU'RE FREAKIN PRO! But it's this wiki's job to make you EVEN MOAR giving you MOAR OP WEAPONS! Here is a brief introduction to Broken Weapons.

What are Broken Weapons?

Broken Weapons are a group of guns that are only obtainable through a 1 in a million chance of a glitch, or according to wiki editor Boochy1997, an only partially loaded version of a gun that happens because of lag.

Broken Weapons are often versions of guns that are made extraordinarily powerful. It is commonly accepted that almost all weapons are capable of becoming a broken weapon, however, this has not been confirmed. There have only been 3 documented broken weapons so far.

Broken Weapons are vastly improved (<--opinianated) versions of their unbroken counterparts. They are often able to bypass some of the penalties that hinder the power of the unbroken weapon.

Most (if not all) Broken Weapons feature perfect accuracy, both ADS and hip-firing. They feature a faster reload rate as well. According to the Broken AWP, broken weapons also have incredible ADS irons. In addition, they have low to no recoil.

Some Broken Weapons also feature scattered parts, i.e. the part that fires the bullet is somewhere sky-high. It is not known if there are any other improvements to a Broken Weapon.

Despite these buffs, Broken Weapons (apparently) have a tendency of breaking, as, after all, they are broken. Some other disadvantages may include (but are not limited to): weapon parts scattered all over the place, extreme ammo spending.

List of Broken Weapons

How do I use these?

Well, first of all, the author of the page congratulates you on actually getting one- he's seething with jealousy right now. You do have one, riiiight?

Broken Weapons- despite being extraordinarily powerful- are just broken counterparts to their original weapons. Use them as such. If it's a sniper, snipe. If it's an SMG, SMG (doesn't make sense but you get the point).

However, the fact that the weapon is broken removes some of the limitations. Some of the things that were challenging with the normal counterpart become easier with a broken weapon, such as close-ranging with a sniper.

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