RobloxScreenShot06222014 112817997

First person view

The CBJA7908 is the Pack a Punched version of the CBJ MS .


Guaranteed to freeze your foes solid! At least for a few seconds.


Magazine size: 60

Spare ammunition: 1800

Damage: 3 shots

Pros and Cons


  • Automatic
  • Reloads quickly
  • Temporarily freezes zombies with a single bullet.
  • Strong for an SMG
  • Huge ammo Pool
    RobloxScreenShot06222014 113338949

    Side view


  • Expensive to obtain
  • Lag reduces firerate

Player Experience with this weapon

"It's powerful, it freezes, and it almost never needs an ammo box trip. One of the best weapons in the game" - N7Lugia

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