General Information

The CYANide is the customized Barrett M82A1 owned by rayzor98, the administrator who created the Mansion and Apartments.

It is only obtainable via administrator commands.

Overall Changes

  • The scope was replaced by an ACOG scope for close-range combat.
  • The very same ACOG scope has a thermal effect that lights up players and darkens zombies.
  • The ammunition has an explosive effect that freezes and burns zombies at the same time, killing them almost instantly.
  • The firing mode was changed from semi-automatic to fully automatic.
  • The firing sound is the same as the AR-15's sound.

Pros VS Cons


  • High damage
  • Freezes zombies
  • Burns zombies
  • Thermal scope
  • More suited for close combat than other sniper rifles
  • Fast rate of fire (Roughly 600 RPM)


  • Fast fire rate makes it harder to control
  • Zombies may survive when frozen
  • Freezing gives off a foggy effect that can cause lag on low end machines
  • Only obtainable via administrator commands or via rayzor98 letting you hold it
  • Not very suited for very far range combat due to recoil


  • Due to the texture, the weapon doesn't really appear to be cyan colored, contrary to it's name.

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