Ever wondered why it takes so long to make cash? Feeling like your wallet is empty? Never to fear, for I have the solution- this guide!


Cash is basically the most important thing to have for any player. You need it for:

  • Building a base
  • Buying weapons
  • Upgrading weapons
  • Perks
  • To even stand a chance against the horrifying onslaught that is the zombie apocalypse

It is essential to survive. You need it. Here's the best way to make cash.

Effective Ways To Make Cash

There is a lot of different ways to make cash. Each has there pros and cons.


  • Mass Hoarding is creating hordes, or trains, and then using explosive and/or weapons good at taking down mass hordes to kill them all. This is considered the best way to do things, as you can stay in a single spot and not need to roam. This makes lots of cash in a short period of time.
  • This adds to the best way to make cash - Just basically do this: 1. Buy the enhanced spawn gamepass. 2. Trap zombies in a small area. 3. Use the neurotoxin grenade and kill them all. 4. Profit (You can make 10k in a few minutes or so BarrakuOni says doing this.)

Some of the best places to do this are as follows -


  • By far the most simple, basic, and common ways to make cash. This basically has you roaming around shooting all zombies in sight instead of grouping them together. This is also a good way to make cash, however you get it more slowly, rather than all at once.

Best "Spots" to do this -

  • Stick to one portion of the map. Ex. East, west, north, south

Spawn Trapping:

  • One of, if not the most uncommon ways to make cash. This basically has you enclosing an area where zombies spawn. Putting nets , barbed wires , shredders , etc. helps with this. This is basically more of a "side" way to make cash. Even as you are putting damaging buildables to kill zombies, you also have to keep them in the trap. This is a pretty good way to make money on the side; however, it isn't a great way to make money constantly.

Beg an Admin For Cash:

  • As the title suggests, just beg an admin for cash. Just don't ask for too much, i.e. over 50,000 Cash, because you won't get more than that. Furthermore, don't ask for more cash after you've spent all of it on something silly, because that was your own fault.

How to Save Your Cash

Now that you have earn't so much money, one question remains. How do I save it up?

  • Refrain from buying lots of items at once. Don't pack-a-punch weapons unless you REALLY want to. Only buy buildables and sell them after you are done with them.
  • If you have the VIP game pass , enhanced spawn game pass, dubstep gun game pass, and/or the eclipse ordeal game pass, don't buy lots of other weapons unless you really need something better. The starting weapons you get are all pretty strong on their own.
  • Try to save as much space as possible when building bases.


(If you didn't know already)

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