A Claimable Compound

Compounds are structures that can be claimed by players. They come with lights and shutters that are controlled by a simple GUI. They are easy-to-use and easy to fortify.


How To Claim A Compound:

To claim a compound, the sign above the door must say, "Claimable Compound", which will allow you to unlock the door by walking into it. This will make the compound your very own.

Once you've claimed the compound, your user name will appear on the sign. (Example: Bob's Compound)


A Claimed Compound, With Locked Doors


Compound #1 - In between the Highway Outpost and the Mineshaft

Compound #2 - In between the Orphanage and Military Camp

Compound #3 - In between the Military Camp and Mansion


Compound upgrades are expected soon.

Compound #2 is considered the worst, due to the amount of zombies near the area and the inconvenient slope which allows zombie to easily get in.

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