DIE! DIE! DIE! -rekt m9-

This is a legit item you get from the mystery box. It is an abomination of a troll. It's basically nothing, but you get killed too.


G'job. You just got murdered by a box. THIS ITEM DOESN'T DO ANYTHING BUT KILL YOU. Don't forget the extra 250 cash you just wasted.


  • Well, you kinda keep your items and stuff so you can think of it as being teleported to a random spawnpoint... Sorta positive? ish


  • 250 cash = wasted
  • Nothing = gained
  • YOU DIED. Which means:
  • Perks + buildables reset
  • Whisked off to some random spawnpoint somewhere
  • Rage
  • No weapons.
  • If you had a base, well.. gl m8

Player Reactions

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