Day in Stranded On Earth.

The Day/Night Cycle is an important feature on Stranded on Earth: The First Strike.

The entire cycle lasts 20 minutes of real time.


Daytime is the easier of the two time segments. It has the following characteristics:

  • Fog is farther away from the player, letting them see better
  • Map is illuminated, making it harder for zombies to sneak up on the player

Due to this, players are more likely to travel and roam during this part of the cycle.

Daytime is the perfect time to build a base and gather Cash.

The day time segment includes the "Day --> Night" Transition Period.

Transition Periods

The Transition Periods take place between day and night, and signify that players should get back to their base or join a group of other players, or can start to roam around again. They do not count as a "segment" because they can be stuck into whatever segment was before them due to how short they are.

A Transition Period is when:

  • The fog distance changes (Farther/Closer)
  • The global lighting changes to the time of day it's supposed to be (Day or Night)
  • An audible sound plays with the changes in wind which brings the fog (Like a slow WHOOSH!)
  • There are also gun shots playing in the background during the time.


While nothing is inherently different about what zombies spawn during the night, it is the more difficult segment. The characteristics of Nighttime are:

  • Fog is close to the player, making it easy for zombies to sneak up
  • Map has no global illumination, and can be very difficult to see
  • The rate zombie spawns increase significantly (10 Zombies per Player)

It is more difficult because of the lowered visibility. Zombies are more likely to sneak up on a player because of how close the fog is to the player, and can be harder to see because of the lack of global illumination.

At this point of time, it is not wise to leave your base and roam, as you're likely to get killed without sufficient weapons, ammunition and/or perks. Also, if you chose to be nocturnal then make sure you have a weapon with a flashlight. (EX: P226, AA-12, SA58, Lumbermill)

Nights can also become incredibly challenging when they are a Crimson Night.

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