Edited 12/16/2014

The Death Machine is a minigun purchasable through the shop in wonder weapons for 2400 cash and 1800 cash in VIP shop, nearly as much as the pack a punch.


 Pros and cons


  • Lots of ammo on your hands.
  • High clip amount.
  • Good for swarming zombies


  • Very ammo in-efficient
  • Spin time can kill you.
  • Inaccurate at long-medium range.


  • This weapon is great for groups, and singles too. On that certain note, you should pair it with a fast switching weapon, just in case you need to suddenly reload or something. Can work for nearly any tactic. Run and gun can be done, but make sure you know where a stash of ammo is nearby. Hopefully red ammo box. Thankfully, you can still rely on brown ammo box now, due to the reserve ammo buff this gun got. Also, beware it's massive rapid fire capabilities. That'll waste ammo in a pinch


  • When hovering your mouse over the weapon, it says "Who is heavy weapons guy? YOU ARE! ATATATATATATATATATATAATATATA!"
  • The creator of this page accidentally kept on calling the Death Machine a "Minigun". You can guess why.

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