General Information

The Double-Barrel Shotgun, or DB for short, is a break-action shotgun that has been used since the late 1700s.

It can be purchased from the "Shotguns" section from the shop for up to 325 Cash.

Pros VS Cons


  • High damage
  • High accuracy (ADS)
  • Very fast reload for a shotgun
  • High shotgun pellet spread


  • Expensive to purchase
  • Low accuracy (Hip)
  • High recoil
  • Small ammunition sizes


  • It is the weapon of choice for a stereotypical protective southern father, but not against zombies primarily.
  • Although it is just known as a double-barrel shotgun, it is actually appearing to be modeled after a TOZ-66, due to the design and the fact that both have side-by-side barrels.

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