General Information

The Dubstep Gun is a Gamepass-Exclusive weapon for Stranded On Earth: The First Strike that can only be obtained by purchasing the Dubstep Gun Access gamepass for 240 Robux.

Similar to the Deathmachine, it takes a moment to "charge up" before firing. However, one can stop firing for around a second and resume without the wait.



  • Boasts exceptionally high damage per second, allowing it to eliminate most threats with a single direct hit
  • Capable of rather far range, at the cost of much reduced accuracy and heavy projectile drop
  • Recoil is non-existent as it doesn't fire physical ammunition, but instead powerful sound waves
  • Holds a lot of ammunition for continuous fire


  • Very poor accuracy, especially at long range due to heavy projectile drop and rather slow projectile travel speed compared to most firearms
  • Cannot be reloaded or have it's ammunition refilled due to the lack of reserve ammunition
  • The user is at risk to easily kill themselves with the sound waves in a single hit, even through armor, and as a result, it is highly recommended not to use it in ranges too close to the user

Known Bugs

  • If any solid object is in front of the weapon for even half of a second, the projectile will hit the object and explode, often killing the user.
  • In really old servers, projectiles may take longer or may not even appear to hit their target, even if they do.


  • The Dubstep Gun was directly taken and inspired from Saint's Row IV's own Dubstep Gun. This is evident by the fact that the weapon designs are nearly identical.
  • Due to it's high damage per second rating, it is one of the most powerful weapons in the game, if not the most powerful. However, it's major drawbacks are in it's rather unremarkable range, accuracy, and massive projectile drop.
  • For the longest time, abusing the Dubstep Gun resulted in many players being banned as the weapon caused massive lag for servers to the point that continued usage would rapidly degrade server performance and quickly crash it. It was either remove the gun entirely and piss off the people who spent their money on it, or just restrict it's usage.
    • However, as of 2017, this seems to have been fixed, and hopefully for good.

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