An "Enforcer" is a special sub-set of Admin, who only have the power to kill players if they don't follow the rules.

Enforcers are usually better for taking care of minor issues.

Becoming an Enforcer

To become an Enforcer, you have to be on good terms with the Creator and a CM, and be willing to get weapons that can kill players, rather than getting commands.


The only Enforcer in the entire game currently is:

  • TheClassyDemon

Rules for Enforcers

1. Enforcers are allowed to kill players for minor offences, such as:

  • Building on another player's base (After warning them not to)
  • Spamming weapons (After a warning)
  • Calling out rude or derogatory slurs to another players

2. Enforcers may also kill players for medium offenses:

  • Blocking off certain map areas
  • Killing / flinging players with explosives.

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