Hai. I am a wiki editor, or (insert alias username here) in game. I edit the wiki sometimes. I usually create pages or do major edits (only to the pages i like, and maybe some random page here and there). I mostly never put pictures on pages though. Other wiki editors can do that. -and do the major editing overhaul barakku mentioned-

Half the time I won't be editing, unless I'm on an editing spree (and then goes on for a while). although my concept blog is updated ridiculously often. overly often? probably.

Favorite guns: X-RY Railgun (gawd i know it's xry-17 but i call it x-ry), Shadowfire STORM, Electric Shock, Eclipse Ordeal

Other stuff pie likes: The Ripper, Holiday Strike, Neurotoxin Grenade

Epikpie joined the wiki on June 24, 2014.

Please don't edit this page ;-;
Whoops -Sniperquad
Double whoops -RainbowsWolf
Triple whoops -peke
woop woop woops -eobla

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