Are you new to the game, and have no idea what gun you should buy? Well then YOU'RE A NOOB! But it's this wiki's job to make you not a noob. Here is a brief introduction to Explosives.

What are Explosives?

Explosives are a category of weapons purchasable under the "others" section of the shop.

Explosives are weapons that are quite aptly named for what they fire - explosives. Aiming and firing at something with an Explosive will usually end with a large area of damage, knockback and noise, unless you miss horribly.

They are usually semi-automatic weapons that require reloading after every shot (although there are two that don't need it). As such, almost all explosives have a clip size of 1. Fortunately, they have a nice and healthy clip-to-reserve ammo ratio.

In addition, explosives are often super-accurate, or at least without counting in their various special effects. More than a few explosives are affected by gravity (really all the stuff related to "grenades."), and curve down, making long distance fighting with these basically impossible.

But hey, at least the rest of them are really accurate...except for the fact that explosives are big, bulky projectiles that can and will explode if they touch anything in their way. Add in the fact that these projectiles do not travel as fast as blue hedgehogs, and you've got yourself a pretty inaccurate weapon. On the bright side, they have extremely low or zero recoil, so fire away.

Fortunately, though, explosives- incoming double pun- pack a punch! 2 explosives so far are PaPable. In terms of damage, explosives do really pack a punch. They will usually one shot a direct hit zombie, and deal substantial damage to anything around that one.

Explosives do have a moderate walkspeed decrease, except for grenades- you should probably go read that page now. They also have relatively fast reload speeds, with some exceptions.

How do I use these?

Explosives should never be used in close quarter situations, unless your name starts with super and ends with war. The purpose for explosives is clearing out a large group(s) of zombies, so they are most useful if you have a zombie catching trap or if you have a zombie horde.

Explosives may work for run-and-gun due to their quick reload speeds, but keep in mind that they are not light (save for the grenades) and WILL slow you down. They definitely won't work for LRC (long ranged combat)- even without counting in projectile size and drop, the projectiles fired by explosives travel SLOWLY. However, explosives are good for most mid-range combat situations.

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