The FAMAS is an Assault Rifle in Stranded on Earth: The First Strike. It can only be bought through the VIP shop or the Mystery Box.

Pros and Cons


  • High damage
  • Good ammo size.
  • Fast reload time


  • It can be useless at range because of lag .
  • The bullets take forever to reach your target. And when they do, you're pretty much already dead.
  • Hard to obtain due to it being VIP or Mystery box exclusive.
  • Not reliable at all.
  • Due to its slow fire rate, it's virtually useless against hordes .
  • Did I mention the fire rate? Yeah. Thats real. Not a joke. Not edited. It takes 4+ seconds to fire again. Has the lowest fire rate out of every AR.
  • This gun slows you down. Like...a LOT.


  • Dubbed, "The worst gun" In the game. Its only real advantage is reload speed.
  • The old post said this gun was op. You can say that again.
  • Using this gun is only good at close range due to the fact that THE BULLETS TAKE 3 HOURS TO REACH A TARGET AT MEDIUM RANGE.
  • Did I mention the fire rate? Yeah.
  • Did I mention the fire rate? No joke. That is real.
  • It cost 20 robux for the vip pass, plus 250 to buy it. Thats essentially 45 robux wasted on this thing.

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