The Farmer Time's Mart, or Food Mart, is the location that replaced the removed Apartment Building in Stranded on Earth: The First Strike.


Barricaded Food Mart


It is a single story building with empty shelves, one of them being pushed over, presumably during a raid of the store when people needed supplies. There are two gaping holes in the large glass windows which can easily be boarded up. It also features a long wrap around counter, and a freezer at the back of the store. There is also a large roof, with a ladder on the side near the main doorway, and a big parking lot in front of the store. On the ceiling throughout the Food Mart, there are ceiling lights, which will flicker from time to time. These lights will provide you with enough light to see indoors at night.


Main Entrance and Sign, Barricaded

This location is a great place for a base if you're on a low budget, as only two windows and the main door need to be protected. Also, the lights inside the store are full functional and will provide enough light indoors. However, if you want to use the roof, you'll have to add more buildables to protect it, as it doesn't take much for the zombies to climb up there and chow down on you. Best of luck to ya.

During Crimson Night, the lights on the ceiling turn dark red, like a lot of ceiling lights in the game.

Food Mart during Crimson Night

Player Experiences

BarakkuOni - "I highly recommend this place as a base if you're new to the game, or are low on cash, as all you really need is 4 High Walls, 1 Sandbags, 1~2 Windows in front of the Sandbags, and 3~4 Shredders. The roof is optional."

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