The Fireworks Launcher is obtainable by chance through the Mystery box by gambling 250$


This is how you celebrate zombie killing

The Fireworks Launcher in action

  • Long melee range
  • One shot then reload
  • Kills normal zombies with one shot to the chest
  • Well, shoots fireworks

Pros & Cons


  1. Long melee range
  2. Z13
    Shoots beautiful fireworks
  1. One shot to the chest kill


  1. Reloading after each shot
  2. Pretty much you're dead if you try killing a horde
  3. Sometimes it attracts zombies

Player thoughts

"If my joy for killing zombies and working on the wiki could be expressed in some way, it would be through the fireworks" - LeisureLecturer

"If their was a better way to kill zombies in the beautiful display like this i'd buy it with my last Robux from my BC" -Ebola 2014 (DerpyChar)

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