The flare, or flarestick, is a light source in the shop purchasable for 5 cash.

When used, the flare is ignited and thrown (and even melee'd) like a grenade . It emits a reddish glow, reddish fire, and reddish smoke, and leaves behind a trail of red.

It has one flare in a "clip," and can hold 2 more as reserve ammo, 6 if you use large ammo box. Each flare despawns after a while.

The flare is commonly used to mark where players are going. However, the flare really doesn't do anything against zombies , other than possibly tripping them.

It's basically a grenade that doesn't explode, and gives off a ton of light.

Description: Use a flare and see the world in red.


  • Emits reddish light
  • Very cheap
  • Great for leaving behind a trail to follow


  • Basically can't do anything against zombies
  • Low reserve ammo
  • Expires after a few minutes
  • Emitted smoke can obscure vision
  • Almost useless on crimson night

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