General Information

The Fort is a gamepass that gives the player a buildable when they spawn. This buildable is a set of sandbags that is equipped with a table with 3 floodlights, a large ammunition box, barbed wire coiling in front of the sandbags, and a sign that features the placer's username which leans against the sandbags next to the coil.

How to Obtain

The Fort gamepass can be purchased from the Stranded On Earth: The First Strike Store for 95 R$, or 1600 Tx. You can find that very gamepass here.

Various Uses

  1. Quick & easy barricades: The fort can be placed in front of a doorway, with the barbed wire damaging zombies if they get too close. If you're just joining the game, it's a quick defense against a minor threat.
  2. Large light radius: The floodlights on the table provide a large array of light that can come in handy if you don't have a spotlight to place.
  3. Ammunition: Since the fort comes equipped with an ammunition crate, your nearest supply of ammo won't be far away.


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