Fort Lazarius is a Map Location added on February 27th, 2015. It has the largest perimeter of any structure in the game. It serves as the primary headquarters for Pegasus.

Take note that zombies spawn in the base when no players are near, this goes the same for the road leading up to the base. However, zombies will continue to spawn on the road even if you have fortified the base. The spawner on the road only stops spawning IF someone is ~100 studs or closer to it.

Retaking The Fort

Be aware that if you plan to reclaim the fort, do so at your own risk. A ton of military and SWAT zombies spawn inside the fort so it is advised you set up a base on the road before attempting to retake the fort. It is recommended you get some help from other players to make it easier.


  • Players to help you
  • A reliable weapon that has a lot of ammunition
  • Sufficient defenses as backup
  • Explosives
  • Light sources
  • Ammo boxes nearby
  • Keep a lot of high walls or windows on hand
  • Make sure to block the two slants in the front of it. It is quite easy for zombies to over any buildables you have if you don't block them.

The Road

Fort Lazarius has a very long road leading up to its main gate. Not much is on the road, so it will possibly get areas added alongside of it in the future.


The Inside

 Fort Lazarius' inhabitants, Pegasus, appear to have opened the Fort to refugees who have nowhere else to go. There are some small military tents near the back of the Fort, 2 Watch Towers in the front, a large barracks building in the back next to the tents, and a crashed helicopter. The Fort also has some gasoline tanks, though there's no way to use them as there are no working vehicles.  

Somewhere in Fort Lazarius, there is a secret method of obtaining the power of the sun itself...

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