The G115 Generator is an assault rifle in SOE:TFS. It can be obtained by Pack-a-Punching the G11


Purely created to wipe out the undead.


Damage: 2 hit kill normal zombies
Firing mode: Semi-automatic
Magazine size: 48
Reserve ammo: 432
Attachments: Sniper scope
Texturing: Scarlet purple and red
Reload Speed: ~1 Second

Pros and Cons


  • High Damage
  • Large Magazine (vs other assault rifles)
  • Sniper Scope Attachment
  • Cool Texture
  • Nice Sound
  • Using scope while in 3rd Person uses a cool reticle


  • Sniper reticle is broken?
    RobloxScreenShot06222014 121239-64

    The G115 Generator in all of it's glory.


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