General Information

The GES-BioRifle is a customized weapon made by Gondwana, one of the administrators of Stranded On Earth: The First Strike. It fires green projectiles that explode when they come into contact with anything, almost instantaneously becoming a massive pile of biohazardous goo.

It can only be obtained very rarely from the Mystery Box by gambling 250 cash per use.


Thang for weki


  • Goo piles deal high damage-over-time and trip zombies
  • Goo piles are very large, making it easier to take down a small horde
  • Generous ammo for a wonder weapon
  • Goo piles generate a generous amount of light for a short period of time


  • Extremely rare and potentially pricey to obtain
  • Rather heavy projectile drop physics
Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 6.31.26 PM


  • The gun is a reference to another gun from Unreal Tournament, using the same name.
  • The (future) remade version includes an upgraded version and an alternate skin of GES-BioRifle, named Blood Cannon and Bile Rifle, respectively. The Bile Rifle skin is Gondwana's way of keeping the Puke/Vomit joke running.

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