General Information

Gondwana is an Administrator, as well as one of the primary developers of Stranded On Earth: The First Strike.

After a long, and unexpected hiatus, she returned on April 25th, 2016 to resume her work in improving the game. Her creations have had a phenomenal effect on the game, as many of those creations helped shape it's future. However, she would prefer if players didn't distract her from her objectives whilst in the game.


  • GES-BioRifle (Will be overhauled in the future)
  • (Future Bio Rifle PaP) Blood Cannon
  • Golden Bio Rifle
  • 'Horrid Omelette' Easter Egg
  • (Future addition) Nightmare Omelette - a rare variation of Horrid Omelette
  • With good eyesight, a transparent Mask of Patient Zero
  • Patient Zero Statue (Custom buildable, until the Beacon is implemented)
  • Crimson Shrine (Will soon replace old Patient Zero Statue)
  • Crimson Spawn's hats (Necroa Cloak, Necris Blademaiden Hair)
  • Other future additions found in the trello

Crimson Shrine (New PZ Statue)

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