General Information

The Greensteel Armor is a highly-radioactive and heavily resistant vest that contains uranium. It leaves a green glow around the wearer and yields very high protection and durability, but as a huge downside, it slowly kills them due to the radiation.



  • Highest durability
  • Highest protection


  • Damages the wearer over time
  • Lowest damage reduction


  • The "egghead" was robonack.
  • Parts of the armor glow green, allowing one to see a little bit easier in dark buildings.
  • The back of the armor has an outlet, meaning that the suit can be discharged, or have it's uranium refilled when it depletes.
  • Chance of taking radiation damage increases as the armor's protection lowers.
  • One can negate at least some of the damage to the wearer by eating a few Protein Bars.

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