Guardian_Artwena/Sage_OfTheSixPaths is one of the many Wikia Editors for Stranded on Earth: The First Strike

General Information

He is mostly inactive, but generally updates outdated content, although he is currently on a hiatus. Moderates a bit, although doesn't moderate a ton. (I'M A PERSON NOT A SLAVE) He isn't very serious when it comes to editing pages.

He obtained his rank of Wikia Editor on October 18, 2015, and officially became a Wikia Editor on April 17, 2016, after receiving his PoP tag, however lost it after he changed his name AGAIN. (mental note; stop changing name.)


  • 2nd fastest to obtain the rank of Wikia Editor (Not fully sure, may need to confirm.)
  • Most edits within a single day of joining


  • Has no life. <---- This comes directly from me. I literally have none at all.

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