General Information

The Holiday Strike is a Christmas-themed Airstrike tool that came from the Gift of Halloween Essence gamepass. That gamepass is no longer on sale.

When activated, it goes "Ho ho ho!" to signify it will strike soon, and makes jingling bell noises as the shots start landing. The cloud that the shots make when they explode are colored red and green. The clouds damage zombies and heal players. The Holiday Strike now also features a cyan-colored targeting assistant!



  • Very high damage
  • Lots of ammo
  • Can be accurate
  • Deals knockback to zombies
  • Heals players
  • 5 shots at a time
  • Impossible to kill yourself with it directly
  • Shoots at wherever the mouse is pointing- no requirement for a direct line-of-sight
  • Has a cool target marker
  • Annihilates hordes


  • Somewhat slow reload time
  • Has a short delay before launching the airstrikes
  • Can miss
  • Can hit objects above target (Including another airstrike)
  • Possible to fling a player into a zombie with the knockback
  • HEAVILY affected by lag

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