This weapon can be bought in the shop under "Assault rifles" for 410 cash.

The KAC PDW in action

  • This weapon is VERY WEAK. Taking six shots to kill ONE ZOMBIE. ONE FRICKEN ZOMBIE.
  • This gun fires slow. Very slow.
  • This weapon has clean irons. But they're a little off. The "ring" that surrounds the aiming thingy may be distracting.
  • This weapon has 30 bullets in a clip. usual banana clip round. It's reserve ammo has 150 bullets on spawn. Grabbing ammo from the green ammo box gives you 300 reserve ammo. And grabbing ammo from the large red ammo box gives you 450 reserve ammo.
  • The gun is somewhat smokey. You'd probably be able to see through the smoke...but it's going to be there, regardless of the low fire rate.
  • The recoil is amusingly semi-high. It goes up- but not THAT up- while being on auto fire.
  • The melee is short and quick.

Pros and Cons


  • Slow fire rate allows you to aim.
  • Irons are clean.
  • ....There's not much other then that. No seriously, this feels like a useless gun. IT REALLY DOES. SPEEDY, PLZ BUFF TOO WEAK.


  • Slow fire rate allows you to die from zombies while you're firing the gun.
  • There's a lot of recoil despite it being a slow firing gun.
  • Smokey-ish
  • A waste of cash, considering there are better weapons that cost less.


Too UP plz buff. Not a good idea to get this weapon. But it's there. As of current date 8/2/2014, this weapon is TOO WEAK TO GO INTO COMBAT. IF YOU USE IT AND OWN ZOMBIES WITH IT, i swear to god you are special.


  • When you hover your mouse over the weapon, it says "The Knight's Armament Compant 635mm PDW is an experimental personal defense weapon designed by KAC, firing a new 6mm cartridge optimized for short barrel weapons. As with all personal defense weapons, the KAC PDW is intended to be compact and lightweight, but have a longer useful range"
  • This weapon may as well be a SMG, seeing how low the damage is. a sucky SMG.

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