This page is kinda like the "Broken AWP" page Sniperquad47 created.

Once upon a time, the editor Epikpie chanced upon a ballistic knife dropped on the ground in stranded. Alas, THIS WAS NOT A NORMAL BALLISTIC KNIFE! This ballistic knife had a clip size of 9999999 with 99999999 clips. Every other trait from the ballistic knife was copied. You can see how op this gets....fully semi-automatic 1 hit KO weapon with basically infinite ammo and no recoil. Many zombies proceeded to lose their undead lives that day. Unfortunately no screenshots were taken because the creator of this page was an idiot.


  • Fully semi-automatic
  • 1 hit KO
  • Near infinite clip
  • No recoil
  • Invisible brick pushes away zombies


  • Sheer number of knives shot may cause lag
  • Knives that bounce off walls can rebound and hit you
  • VERY. VERY. RARE. (maybe a hack/exploit?)
  • Invisible brick hinders movement

I hereby dub this glitched gun the "Knife Storm."

Many edits to the Ballistic Knife wiki page were found from this gun.

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