Lag is a very common issue in Stranded On Earth: The First Strike. It can affect your gameplay a lot depending on how bad it is, and if the gun that you are using has not been fixed yet.

Causes - Outcome

  • Slower or Insufficient Computer - FPS Lag
  • Low Quality Internet - Causes you to barely load into the game, or movement skipping.
  • CSG Lag - Gun is working at a very slow pace.

Various Fixes (Client-Side)

  • Get a better computer
  • Upgrade your current computer
  • Update your graphics drivers
  • Lower your graphics setting to 1 in the game settings
  • In your graphics driver settings, you can set your graphics setting to be accustomed to Performance
  • Close all other unused programs while playing
  • Upgrade to Windows 10, as it lowers the taxing on your computer's processor

Various Fixes (Server-Side)

  • Call your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and upgrade your internet's Download/Upload Speed
  • Port Forward ROBLOX on your Router's Settings in your browser. (Server Port = 53640) (TCP/UDP or Both) Note: This can really help if your internet isn't very good. To find your router settings, type in your gateway address into your browser's main search bar. Usually, it is:
  • Lower your MTU setting in the CMD Line. WARNING: Lowering your MTU below 1500 may cause instability, and has a higher chance of just making it worse. However, there is a chance it could solve the lag if you're that desperate.
  • Close all unused programs while playing
  • Simply join a smaller server (Less people = Less lag)

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