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Lore is a common term for the backstory of any given game, film, television series, or similar entertainment-based franchise, and is generally compiled by those who were entertained by said program. It is here where all will find the official and unofficial lore related to Stranded On Earth: The First Strike.

Morpheus Corporation


The Insignia of Morpheus Corporation

Morpheus Corporation is a very enigmatic organization that is believed to be responsible for the apocalypse when their scientific endeavors had gone too far.

Currently, their whereabouts are unknown, as is any information if they are even around in post-apocalyptic society, but in all likelihood, they are still operational, and experimental technologies developed by them are just waiting to be unearthed by scavengers who are completely oblivious to the dangers lurking within their headquarters.

What is known about Morpheus Corporation is that even though their headquarters are locked up tight, there is no evident activity in the area both inside and out, aside from the ominous aura the building seems to emit, possibly indicating that something terrible had happened.

Morpheus Corporation, and it's related content, was created by Gondwana.



The Logo of Pegasus

Pegasus is believed to be an organization of military origin that resides somewhere near or within Fort Lazarius in Stranded on Earth: The First Strike.

Post-apocalyptic historic records that were strewn about suggest that they were formed within hours of the apocalypse, and most likely have origins related to the military. Since their formation, Pegasus has been focusing on eliminating the undead and restoring the former glory of humanity.

To this day, Pegasus still works hard to completely eliminate the undead, and they welcome all people into their infantry who wish to fight alongside them. However, in recent years, it appears that Pegasus has allied themselves with Morpheus Corporation, as their equipment became so advanced that it would only be possible for them to acquire such technology if they had scavenged Morpheus Corporation's headquarters. That doesn't seem to be the case, as the headquarters remain locked to this day, though some speculate at in the latest hours of dusk, they can hear the gates release.

Pegasus, and it's related content, was initially created by iRedundancy and PunisherPR, however re-purposed by Ashindar and Gondwana.


The Catalyst is believed to be a mere legend, folklore of a man in a scorched and war torn lab coat wandering the wastes, carrying a message for all. In truth, it is much more than just a drug-addled tale, and contains a very grim reminder of what can happen when mankind outpaces itself.

In reality, he was one of Morpheus Corporation's top scientists who was ultimately responsible for the optimization of the Necris Experiment through improvements made on the substance known as Nanoblack, which would drastically increase the potency, but at a terrible cost in the end.

Long after the apocalypse, the very same scientist had got his hands on several samples of the latest strain of the substance, dubbed Nanoblack V by it's creator, and was able to create a flammable byproduct that when mixed with Nanoblack would completely vaporize it. However, very shortly after completing a weapon that could be used to destroy what he created, he was presumably captured by the Darker Order, but for an unknown purpose.

Cult of The Green


The Logo of the Cult of The Green

The Cult of The Green is a mysterious group of individuals with history supposedly dating back centuries, if not over a millennia. There have been many rumors about them over the years, however nobody has even seen defining proof of their existence as a cult.

What is known is that they worship a deity who created the material known as Greensteel, one of the most valuable and rare materials known, which the cult has harnessed to develop incredibly advanced technologies. It is also rumored that they are the ones behind the development of the original Mark 1 Starlauncher.

Being that they've never been seen, many have speculate that they reside somewhere underground, if they exist at all.


  • Pegasus is a creature in Greek mythology. In some instances, Pegasus is often described as appearing only when needed, and then disappearing just as suddenly when it's job is complete.
  • The Cult of The Green is a slight nod to the Church of the Children of Atom from Fallout 3, who worship radiation. The subject of the Cult of The Green's deity is the creator of the Greensteel Armor, which irradiates the user, and radiation is often associated with the color green in pop culture.

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