The MAS-49 is purchasable under the "Rifles" section for 200$, or from gambling 250 in the mystery box.

The MAS-49 in action

  • 10 shots in each clip
  • Longer melee range
  • Zoom-in aid
  • 3 shots to the chest for a kill
  • Fast fire rate
  • Receives 300 from a regular ammo box, 600 from a green box, and 900 from a large box
  • Reloads in 1.5 seconds, and when empty, reloads in two seconds
  • May as well be an M1A1 Carbine clone.

Pros & Cons


  • Fast fire rate
  • Zoom-in aid
  • UNGODLY amount of ammo, dont need no ammo box trip for a while.
  • Longer melee range


  • Can only kill 3 zombies in each clip, terrible for run & gun

Player thoughts

"Never buy this gun unless you're a collectibles collector" - LeisureLecturer

(Written by LeisureLecturer)

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