General Information

The Medic Gun is a gamepass-exclusive weapon in Stranded On Earth: The First Strike. Currently, it has not been finished.


The Medic Gun is a pre-apocalyptic marvel. However, it is a prototype; Only weeks before the apocalypse, Morpheus Corporation was working on an advanced method of care that vastly improved on the medical kits that were standard technology at the time; a method that could be controlled and continuously used as the medical kits proved to be costly to manufacture and use.

As a result of constant research, a prototype dubbed the "Medic Gun" was developed; a method of healing patients in a more on-demand and safe format with much more efficiency compared to the old medical kits that were so widely used.

Technical Terms:

  • Similar to the Dubstep Gun, it has to be "charged" for about half of a second before firing a small projectile that, once it comes into contact with a surface, will activate an advanced healing array for several seconds. The radius of which should be at least 50% larger than the standard medical kit and heal faster, being capable of restoring 500 HP with a single use.
  • It's "magazines" are essentially small containers that work like the medical kits, but their sole purpose is to fuel the Medic Gun.
  • Projectile has some physics; it's not like a laser, but more like a grenade launcher.
  • "Ammunition" cannot be refilled with normal ammunition boxes. Requires a special ammunition box which it's obtainment isn't currently clear.

Production Details

Concept: BarakkuOni

Model Manufacturer: robonack, Gondwana

Scripting & Animations: speedydude900, Gondwana

Testers: speedydude900, robonack, BarakkuOni, Gondwana

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