The Medpack is a miscellaneous item in the shop and can be bought with 35 cash. It also spawns in with the Enhanced Spawn Gamepass. You can also buy the gear for it, which permanently gives you the medpack.

Its appearance is a red cross on a black outlined metallic container and can be thrown to restore health, although there is a delay of around 6-12 (depends on lag) seconds before it restores your health. It does NOT heal all the way, but it heals around 33% along with default health regeneration.

The way healing works: a cyan circle slowly expands from the med pack and rises up above you before disappearing, healing you the entire time it does. The medpack also emits a faint light, as the cyan circle emits cyan colored light while it exists.

Medpack Close

The medpack close up


  • Heals your health
  • Relatively cheap
  • Could save you from using buildables again and again


RobloxScreenShot11242014 203456-413

Rough picture of circle diameter

  • Long setup time
  • Requirement to remain in one area for a while (while there's a million things trying to kill you)
  • Heals only a small amount of health

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