Are you new to the game, and have no idea what gun you should buy? Well then YOU'RE A NOOB! But it's this wiki's job to make you not a noob. Here is a brief introduction to Miscellaneous Items.

What are Miscellaneous Items?

Miscellaneous items are items that are purchasable in the "Others" section of the shop.

Miscellaneous items are NOT intended to be used as weapons (but if you want to fire a flare into a zombie, by all means do so. It's really fulfilling). Instead, miscellaneous items are used to do other important functions in the game- provide light, heal you, delete your buildables.

Miscellaneous items are often cheap to buy, and work very differently than a gun, because after all, THEY ARE NOT GUNS.

There are a subsection in the Miscellaneous item category, which are...

What are Light Sources?

Light Sources are a subcategory of miscellaneous items that are made to produce temporary amounts of light. However, some of these (ahem Flaregun ahem) can be used as a weapon as well. In fact, one of these is supposed to be used as a weapon (probably).

How do I use these?

Every miscellaneous item is tailored to do a specific set of functions. Use them as such. What else is there to say?

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