General Information

The Neurotoxin Grenade is a special canister containing a very potent toxin that affects the nerves in the body, often resulting in muscle spasms, seizures, nerve destruction, and potentially death.

It can be obtained by purchasing the Enhanced Spawn Gamepass for 65 Robux, and will be added to the default loadout.



  • Boasts high damage and disrupts the neural functions of zombies within it's cloud, all the awhile dealing it's damage over time
  • Has a rather large radius of effect and lasts around 10 seconds, allowing it to potentially annihilate a whole horde of the undead


  • Only obtainable via the Enhanced Spawn gamepass
  • Proves to be exceptionally lethal to the user, so proper caution is advised


  • Theoretically, the toxin should have very little effect on the undead, as zombies are impervious to pain, do not need to breathe oxygen, and over time typically lack nerves due to decomposition. The most it could do is cause a reaction in the motor functions of the brain and would only induce a seizure, disrupting a zombie's movements for a short period of time.

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