Before You Add Suggestions, Read The Description Below

This page is for guns that will simply be found in the Shop or VIP Shop. If you want to make a suggestion for a Pack A Punch gun, you're on the wrong page.

NOTE: When listing a gun on this page, make sure you list the type of gun if the name is a little vague.

Also, you may list any attachments you want to see for it. However, depending on the attachments and gun type, it will be likely be a VIP weapon.

Lastly, don't add attachments to guns where the attachment isn't actually needed, such as a flashlight on a sniper rifle, since sniper rifles slow you down for the sole purpose of preventing efficient close-range combat.


  • L96A1 - Sniper Rifle (Scope, Bi-Pod, Silencer) [VIP]

NOTE 2: Do not suggest weapons that are usually meant to incapacitate humans, such as Tear Gas bombs, as zombies cannot feel pain, and thus will simply ignore weapons such as that.

NOTE 3: Use real world guns only in your suggestions. Call of Duty weapons will either be ignored, or translated into their real world counterpart. It doesn't matter if there are already COD weapons in the game, because we are not adding any more COD related content anymore.


  • Executioner - Pistol/Revolver


  • Taurus Judge - Pistol/Revolver

List of Suggested Weapons

Denied Requests

These requests were denied for a reason, and will NEVER be added unless reconsidered later. Make sure to give a reason for the denial. (Can only be reconsidered by speedydude900.)

  • Melee weapons; crowbar, machete, tomahawk, chainsaw. (Zombies can kill you VERY quickly in close range, making melee weapons useless.)
  • Tear Gas - Other (Zombies cannot feel pain, and thus will ignore the gas.)
  • Wunderwaffe DG-2 - Wonder Weapon (It's a stupid weapon, and we don't need more COD weapons There's enough COD garbage in the game.)
  • M2 Flamethrower - Flamethrower (There's already a flamethrower, don't need more.)
  • L96A1 - Sniper Rifle (Basically the same as the AWP, which was already added. Same manufacturer.)

Confirmed Requests

These requests were confirmed. NOTE: Only those permitted are allowed to edit this section. If you put your request in this section, it will be removed. (Permitted List: All of PoP)

  • Medic Gun - CONFIRMED (In Production by robonack and BarakkuOni)
  • MP40 - FINISHT (Just needs to be scripted)
  • Meme Cannon (robo knows) ?

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