The act of Overhauling on the Stranded On Earth: The First Strike Wikia means to completely remake a page if a Wikia Editor or Administrator finds that the page is messy or just needs to have a massive cleanup to make the page look more appealing.

When is Overhauling required?

  • When a creator or administrator believes that a page needs to be remade (e.g. Robonack, Chaoticpwner)
  • When a gun is remade (Fixed, Changed Stats, etc.)
  • When an editor does a poor job on the page and it just doesn't look very nice (Bad grammar, spelling, etc.)

When an Overhaul is required, what should especially be overhauled?

  • The Model's Picture (Only if the model was remade too.)
  • The Statistics (Damage, Accuracy, Recoil, etc.)
  • The Pros VS Cons (High Damage VS High Recoil)
  • Gun Description (If Changed.)
  • Overview (If needed.)


  • This page was made by BarakkuOni as a means to set a key command for the administration to use. (i.e. "get on da wikia and overhaul this page for me, bruh.")

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