These are guns that are suggested to obtain a Pack A Punch version. Some of the Pack-A-Punch versions may be buffed or nerfed for various reasons. When making a request, please state what you want to see in the gun, not the reason behind making it a Pack A Punch weapon.

Pack-A-Punch Gun Requests

  • AR-15: Increased damage, burst or full-auto, higher clip size
  • M79: Shoot Multiple Grenades/Larger Blast radius, Higher Accuracy, Explode on impact/Sicks to zombies or walls
  • AWP: Increased Damage, Accuracy, and Range. (Night Vision capabilities?)
  • USP: Faster reload speed, increased damage and accuracy, reflex sight
  • HAMR: CONFIRMED! Will be renamed to HAMR N' NAIL(underbarrel nail launcher lololol)
  • MG-42: Increased clip size, increased damage, range and accuracy, ACOG Scope/Holo Sight
  • P226: Improved flashlight, reflex sight, increased damage, range, and accuracy, increased ammo
  • Railgun: CONFIRMED for a Future Update. Upgrade details not released yet.
  • PP-19: Increased damage, range, accuracy, and ammunition
  • Glock 21: Increased Damage & Accuracy. Increased Clip Size. Reflex/Holo Sight?
  • MK-46: Damage, Range, and Accuracy boost with an ACOG Scope or Holographic Sight.
  • Striker: Damage, Ammunition Size, Range, and Accuracy Boost. Add a Reflex/Holo Sight.
  • M1911: Lightning fast reload speed, increased damage, range, accuracy and ammunition
  • Medic Gun : HP Replenish Bonus, HP Drain Rate Boost, Able to Heal Yourself while healing others
  • Ballistic Knife : Damage, Ammo, Accuracy, Range and Melee ability boost
  • M14: Scope & Silencer Attachments, Increased Accuracy & Damage, increased ammo.
  • PTRS-41 : Silencer attachment, Faster Rate of Fire, Increased Accuracy and Range (Already OHKO)
  • Frag Grenade: Consists of 5 explosions instead of only 1
  • Death Machine: Increased Damage, Range, Accuracy. Altered RoF and Ammunition Size.
    • And add cool laz0r pew pew glowy bullet trail effects + less start time. Name it the Destroyer while you're at it. (10/10 if you get the reference)
  • Kar98K: Freezing/Burning Ammunition, Scope, Silencer, Increased Ammo (Devil's Rifle? Or make M14 the Devil's Rifle..)
  • M60E3: Burning Ammunition, Increased Ammo Size, Damage, Range, and Accuracy. (Devil's LMG)
  • Raygun: Disintegrates zombies, OHKO kills besides P0, Increased Accuracy and Range.
  • Colt 6290: Freeze Ammo, Fixed Fire Rate, Scope Attachment, Increased Damage, Range, Accuracy
  • RK-95: Poison Ammo, Increased Range, Accuracy, Damage, Ammo, Etc. Holographic Sight.
  • Thundergun: Larger radius, electric ammunition, shocks zombies in the radius instead of blowing them up
  • P90: Increased damage, accuracy, range, slightly less recoil, larger ammunition sizes, flashlight and holographic sight attachments.
  • Stoner 63A: Fires large rocks that deal knockback and more damage instead of bullets. (Name it the Boulder 63A (thx jacksftw)) (Or maybe the Boulder 126B)
  • SA58 - Larger flashlight radius, white flashlight color, overall statistics boost, with a reflex sight.
  • Trench Gun - Reflex sight attachment, flashlight attachment, overall stat boost.
  • HK417 - ACOG sight, silencer, and grip attachments, with an overall stat boost.
  • Skorpion EVO - Holographic sight, grip, and flashlight attachment, with an overall stat boost.
  • M27 IAR - Holographic sight, grip, and flashlight attachment with drum magazine and higher damage.

Pack-A-Punch Guns That Require A Buff

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