The Patriot is a modified M1911 used to help celebrate the 4th of July in Stranded on Earth: The First Strike. It is a handgun colored red/white/blue, to match the colors of the American flag. It is overly American, to the point of having the eagle that is mounted to the front scream each time you shoot. It is a gamepass-only weapon, and can only be purchased around the time of July 4th. The price changes each day it is on sale.


  • Patriotic Flashlight (RED, WHITE AND BLUE!)
  • Eagle Silencer (EAGLE SCREAMS!)
  • Extended Magazine
  • .50AE Barrel


  • High Damage
  • Large Magazine Size
  • Good Accuracy
  • Useful Flashlight
  • Cheap To Purchase


  • Hasn't been remade yet, so the reload is broken
  • Close Range
  • The eagle is distracting
  • Gamepass is only sold for a week or so, yearly


  • This gun is simply an oddly painted M1911 with a .50 Action Express barrel.
  • This gun has the same colors as the banner for Major League Gaming. Yes, MLG America.

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