Are you new to the game, and have no idea what gun you should buy? Well then YOU'RE A NOOB! But it's this wiki's job to make you not a noob. Here is a brief introduction to Pistols.

What are Pistols?

Pistols are semi-automatic guns which require you to click again and again to operate. However, some pistols are fully automatic, such as the TMP; it fires faster than Usain Bolt sprinting towards the world's secrets with wind with the force of a couple thousand jet planes pushing him towards his goal.

Pistols, for the most part, are pretty accurate. Some, like the .357 Magnum, hold loads of power. Others focus more on accuracy or fire rate, like the M1911.

Pistols are generally cheap and useful as a side-arm, due to their quick reloads and quick draw times. However, they are limited by their low clip size and ammo counts.

You start with the P226 which is a semi-automatic pistol that fires surprisingly fast, and is surprisingly powerful for the cost (Free).

Some pistols can be Pack-a-Punched, like the Deagle and the .357 Magnum, respectively making The Ripper and the Devil's Handgun.

How do I use these?

As mentioned before, pistols are best used as a side arm. Their quick reloads and draw times make them ready-to-use in any situation. But they will ultimately fail as a main weapon, due to their low ammo counts.

Pistols are very versatile, and can be used in any situation. They are least effective against hordes, though, because of their inability to carry enough ammo.

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