The Protein Bar Vendor dispenses protein bars that increase your HP Regeneration Rate. It can be consumed up to 5 times per life. It costs 180 Cash per bar.

What It Does

  • Increases the rate in which your health regenerates after taking damage
  • When you consume 5 bars, your hp regenerates at a very fast rate
  • It goes great with Eggnog

Possible Bugs

  • The GUI is very buggy; it always thinks that there is another player using the machine when there's nobody around it.

Fixed Bugs

  • None known.


  • This perk is essentially the Juggernaut perk from Call of Duty Multiplayer.
  • Many people confuse the Eggnog Machine to be the same as the Juggernog just because of the name, but the Protein Bar Machine has the same effect as the Juggernog instead of the Eggnog Machine.

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