This is an outdated gun that probably hasn't been worked on in years.

  • It still has the ammo count off to the side, and can't take ammo from boxes.
  • It takes WAY more than a clip to kill a zombie.
  • Can't aim down sight.
  • Isn't effected by lag.
  • Holds 10 ammo per clip, and starts with 40 reserve ammo.
  • If you want to give this to someone (and trust me you can) simply press backspace. Not x. (That old.)
  • Can only be gotten from VIP shop.

Not much else to say. I'm not making this like a normal page, because that will leave a lot of cons, and nothing much for the rest. It's a cool gun to check out if you want to see how development began. Beyond that, don't use it for killing.

(Yes, this is a copy & paste of the XM10's page, but what did you expect? It's basically the same thing, but worse.)

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