The SMR is an assault rifle purchasable in the shop for 605 cash. -no description yet-

The SMR spews out about 8-9 rounds per second, but it has quite a bit of recoil each shot. It is, however, pretty accurate.

It reloads in about 1-2 seconds, 3 if you used up the entire clip. Also, the SMR has a crosshair! Although, to be fair, you can't ADS with this gun.

It has a clip size of 20, and a reserve ammo size of 120. HOWEVER! You CAN'T refill this reserve ammo! (unless maybe you find a rare special green ammo box?) Just like the Ballistic Knife , you can't refill your reserve ammo (unless maybe rare ammo box)

Also, like the Ballistic Knife, there's an invisible brick around the gun. Which means you can't climb ladders with the gun. On the bright side, there is no drawing time. You draw it instantaneously.

But that's not all that sucks about this gun! Each bullet from this gun does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! It doesn't do ANY damage! Spray as much as you want, but you won't get a single kill.


  • Shoots pretty fast
  • Fast reload
  • Bonus crosshair
  • Pretty accurate
  • Instant draw time


  • Lots of recoil
  • Somewhat costly
  • Can't ADS
  • Can't climb ladders with this equipped
  • Hard/impossible to refill reserve ammo

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